Plant Kingdom and The Shaman(DVD,CD)


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The Shaman works with the natural world – particularly with the healing and blessing energy of the Plant Kingdom. Native elders connect with the spirit of the plant and have a reverent and deep respect for the apothecary of medicine – not just in their food, but in their powerful healing ceremonies. The Plant Kingdom and the Tree Nation are the lungs of our world and the apothecary of sustaining food, healing medicine, and ceremonial medicine. They also carry great wisdom and provide cleansing energies, as in the smudging ceremony. Learn about the many beautiful, specialized purification plants and how to respectfully harvest them, as well as how to use them for meditation, aura cleansing, and even cleansing our life's journey. Indigenous Native people were given the knowledge of the plants and plant spirits by the Creator to foster a stewardship with plants and the natural world. Billie Topa Tate, Mescalero Apache, will share information about the Medicine Women and Medicine Men who were not only mystics for the tribal people, but also received teachings on the Plant Kingdom and many others. 2021.