Coming to Know Yourself in a Spiritual Universe(DVD,CD)


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The only thing we can truly know to exist is our own conscious awareness. But in these modern times, how much attention do we place on our inner world? Our birthright as humans is a reasoning mind, but to define it scientifically is challenging. Some even claim that conscious awareness is simply a mere illusion and is nothing but an insignificant artifact of the brain. And yet, what takes place within our minds feels decidedly real. Those who have had a near-death experience attest to a realm that is "more real than real," and yet, it all happens beyond the observation of others, completely within the mind. It's no wonder that such experiences are refuted by some as hallucinations, since secular Western thought maintains that only the physical world is real and everything else is an illusion. But repeated experiments in quantum physics offer significant evidence that the role of our mind is more significant than materialist science would suggest. Gaining firsthand awareness of this connection is vital so we can realize our true place in the universe as sentient beings. To truly know yourself is to realize you are fundamentally spiritual and connected through one consciousness by the binding force of love. 2021.