A Buddhist Approach to Handling Difficult Thoughts and Emotions(DVD,CD)


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80 Pages
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We have all been told to “just let it go," at times, but while this is a simple task, it is not an easy one. The untrained, unobserved mind is more dangerous than a weapon. The stories we create, the drama we fall into, and the decisions and choices we make when we're not centered and calm can create mental and emotional damage that feels insurmountable. Bhante Sujatha will share his personal experience dealing with anger as a young man – a character trait not suitable for a Buddhist monk! – and teach us how to observe the mind and emotions and use the data from that inner observation to transform our thought patterns. The result is a life in which crazy thoughts and emotional highs and lows aren't gone, but are understood and used as guideposts to help us find our center again; which leads to a life of joy. 2018.