The Mystic's Laboratory(DVD,CD)


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In this 1988 interview, William Metzger, then editor of the Quest and American Theosophist magazines asks Dr. Ravi Ravindra if it is possible to have social transformation without individual transformation. Dr. Ravindra, who is the Chairman of the Department of Religion at Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, maintains that the world’s religions have one common diagnosis on the human predicament. Although the reasons(s) for this are expressed differently by various religions (sin, ignorance, maya, etc.), the observation that all religions share is that we human beings are not living as we should and as we could. A personal transformation is needed, says Dr. Ravindra. "Unless a person is transformed, he or she cannot see the Truth." Paradoxically, unless there is some degree of transformation, a person is unable to fully understand some of the deeper truths of religion. So the mystic’s laboratory is yourself and the experiment is personal transformation. 43 minutes.