A Myth for Our Lives: Follow the Yellow Brick Road(CD)


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The Wizard of Oz is presented as one of the great American myths, but which also contains Theosophical overtones. The first part of the program gives an overview of myths: their importance and the role they play in a culture. Examples of enduring myths include “the promised land” of the ancient Jewish people, the Trojan War of the ancient Greeks, and the legends of King Arthur for the English people, and many others. John Algeo contends that there have been many unsuccessful attempts to create an enduring myth for the people of the United States, but perhaps the most successful was Frank Baum’s ever popular story, The Wizard of Oz, which was first published in 1900. The speaker asks three questions: Why was it so popular? In what sense does The Wizard of Oz encapsulate traditional American values? And finally, what is its mystical or theosophical content? 1996. 73 minutes.