Depression: Its Meaning and Value(CD)


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Depression has been described as a state in which psychic energy disappears into the unconscious, making it difficult for the sufferer to keep up the normal activities of day-to-day living. Life involves a number of pairs of opposites such as pleasure and pain, light and darkness, joy and sadness, but our culture encourages us to repress or ignore the shadow side of life. The speaker suggests, however, that certain kinds of depression may offer valuable opportunities for creative growth, which in turn may strengthen and develop the psyche. Various general causes of depression are discussed along with their appropriate remedies. Some types of depression are due solely to external causes such as a career failure or death of a loved one, while critical life-transition points, such as adolescence, a mid-life crisis, or old age, may cause others. Depression may also be due to internal causes, for example, wherein some mysterious unconscious force draws the psychic energy underground. The speaker explores a serious topic, lightened by occasional doses of his trademark sense of dry humor. 1995. 67 minutes.