A Theosophical View of War and Violence(CD)


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How do Theosophists respond to war and violence? The question may seem unnecessary as the principle of ahimsa or nonviolence is deeply rooted in spiritual traditions. But when we go beyond the abstract realm of pure ideas and examine real life situations, the answer may not be so clear. Different people often respond variously to the same set of circumstances, even among Theosophists. What exactly is a nonviolent response to violence? How does nonviolence apply in specific situations? In this entertaining and thought provoking presentation, the speaker presents ten hypothetical, but realistic, scenarios in which he asks the audience to participate by giving them two possible responses, one nonviolent, the other with a degree of violence. The listener will enjoy participating in each of these exercises as they reveal that life often does not present us with clear-cut choices of black and white, but with various shades of gray. Or to use another metaphor, if life is a banquet, too often we find that the menu consists only of dishes all of which lead to indigestion. 1982. 53 minutes.