An Introduction to the Study of the Mahatma Letters: Part 1(CD)


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The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett is considered to be one of the prime sources of Theosophical teachings. The Mahatma Letters were written by Eastern Adepts known as Mahatmas (literally, "great souls") to an Englishman, Alfred P. Sinnett, who played a prominent role in the early history of the Theosophical Society. While much of the content of the Letters contains comments to passing events of the day, a careful reading will reward the student with sublime passages containing revealing insights and profound wisdom.

Please note that the recording quality of this program is a bit uneven, and there are some short segments where the speaker’s voice is momentarily inaudible. Nevertheless, we feel that the superb content of this recording more than makes up for the technical deficiencies. 8 CDs. 1984. 421 minutes.