The Impress of the Unseen on Mankind(CD)


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Theosophy teaches that there are seven planes of Nature that co-exist and interpenetrate one another, although they consist of varying degrees of density with the physical being the densest. These "planes" may also be thought of and referred to as fields of energy. As human beings living and operating within these fields, we are subject to innumerable streams of physical and super-physical forces that play upon our psyche and influence us in varying degrees, either consciously or unconsciously. What are some of the ways these unseen forces affect us, either beneficially or otherwise? Using his powers of clairvoyance that he developed early in life, Mr. Hodson gives a number of striking examples of how the unseen impresses itself upon mankind. He describes what happened when white settlers moved on to an ancient Maori burial site in New Zealand, a haunted castle in Germany, the psychic terror that still permeates an old prison in Venice, and the uplifting vibrations of a former center of initiatory rites in an ancient Egyptian temple. 1967. 28 minutes