Connections Between our Physical and Ethereal Environments (DVD,CD): Healing the Earth with Intention


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As we struggle to help our Earth find balance on the physical plane, there is a parallel struggle occurring in the spiritual world. When our physical environment changes, the electromagnetic fields in the ethereal world also shift. If we choose to destroy nature, something else is destroyed on the etheric plane. The etheric nature of our planet, and the resulting chaos, often mirror our own intentions. Our physical intentions are capable of manifesting themselves in both material and spiritual forms. In spite of the destruction our physical world is experiencing, the Earth's energy has a quality of renewal. In this presentation of the 131st Summer National Convention of the Theosophical Society in America we learn how to tap into this restorative strength and help our planet survive the damage it has suffered. We can help renew the Earth by gaining conscious awareness of how our physical actions are linked with the spiritual world. 2017