Freedom Not For Myself but From Myself(DVD,CD)


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How do we understand the meaning of freedom? In the West, the idea of freedom is closely linked with religion and politics. There is the freedom to express one’s opinion, to support the political candidate of one’s preference, and the right to worship in the church or synagogue of one’s choice. But how does the idea of freedom relate to spirituality? In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna is told that the enlightened person has learned how to be "free from the pairs of opposites," which, in a broad sense, includes our personal likes and dislikes, or the pleasant and the unpleasant. Not to be free of our personal desires or aversions is to be held in bondage. Sages from many different spiritual traditions all say that freedom from doing what one likes or doesn’t like is one of the necessary aspects of spiritual freedom. 2008. 69 minutes.