Theosophical Perspectives on Dealing with Pain(DVD,CD)


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How do Theosophical teachings help a person cope more effectively with physical or emotional pain? How do they help us face the death of a loved one? In this 1985 interview, Dr. Erik Peper discusses the Theosophical perspective on pain with Dora Kunz, then president of the Theosophical Society in America. Dora explains the importance of non-verbal communication when dealing with loved ones who are in the process of dying. Sometimes loving silence is more effective than mere verbal communication. Is there a way we can transcend pain? How can we detach ourselves from the pain? What is the effect of anger and resentment on pain? Can the experience of pain provide an avenue of spiritual growth? Dora Kunz gives her perspective on these questions based on a lifetime devoted to Theosophy and working with health care professionals. 30 minutes.