Frodo and Harry Potter—Their Theosophical Quest: Part 1(CD)


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Frodo, a Hobbit from the Shire of Middle-earth, and Harry Potter, a student at Hogwarts School, are both on quests—not just for themselves, but for the welfare of the world. The Theosophical application of the Harry Potter books and The Lord of the Rings follows the adventures of both Frodo and Harry as they discover who they are and what their dharma is. In this 12-CD set taken from a class given at the TSA, instructors John Algeo and Anton Lysy show that these two protagonists are really us, and their discoveries are our discoveries. This program includes comments from the class participants and is sure to delight Hobbits, Frodoites, and Hogwarts of all ages. 781 minutes. 2002.