Dharma: The Lodestar of Life(CD)


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Is there a greater purpose to life beyond than merely existing? Is there a purpose to our life beyond making a living, raising a family, and enjoying some of life’s common pleasures? If so, how may find out for ourselves? Ed Abdill suggests that most people rarely ask these questions unless they are faced with some type of crisis. But he maintains that the answer is within ourselves.

Theosophy suggests that there is a purpose to our lives and that we can find out for ourselves. In Indian philosophy, the Sanskrit word that expresses this view is dharma. Dharma is a word with complex layers of meaning and no single English equivalent can capture its varied meanings. Ed Abdill explains some of the meanings of dharma in the context of evolution from the Theosophical point of view. He says that dharma is also intimately linked with karma. Like DNA, each human being has their own dharma, which is unique to them. Yet in some mysterious way, our individual dharma, while retaining its uniqueness, is at the same time part of the greater whole of humanity. Based on a lifetime of Theosophical study, Ed Abdill offers suggestions as to how we might discover our own dharma and experience it for ourselves. 1996. 53 minutes.