Hermetic-Gnostic Roots of Theosophy: Part 1(CD)


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Stephan Hoeller presents an informative and entertaining overview of the Gnostic and Hermetic doctrinal ties to modern Theosophy, which he delivers with his trademark sense of wry humor, personal observations, and sometimes-sardonic wit. In this program, seven doctrinal areas of correspondence between Theosophy and the Hermetic-Gnostic tradition are explored: 1) the potential for the human spirit—the spark from the primordial flame—to awaken from its age long slumber; 2) the nature and role that myth plays in conveying and awakening transcendental insights; 3) the God concept; 4) the flawed nature of the manifested world; 5) the feminine aspect of Divine emanation; 6) the paradigmatic nature of a salvific and messianic archetypal figure; and finally 7) H. P. Blavatsky’s frequent reference to the Gnostic-Hermetic matrix in her writings. 3 CDs. 1995. 199 minutes.