Inner Dimensions: Part 1(CD)


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Does part of us survive death? If so, what part? If reincarnation is a fact, what part of us actually reincarnates? The words "soul" and "spirit" are often used by people in a vague manner, but is there a difference? St. Paul described the human being as a three-fold entity: body, soul, and spirit. Other religious traditions may describe it differently. In her book The Key to Theosophy, H. P. Blavatsky describes the human constitution as consisting of seven principles. What are those principles and how do they operate within us? Using anecdotes, text references, and experiential exercises, Ed Abdill provides a detailed explanation of the Theosophical metaphysics and the inner structure of the human being. This advanced workshop was presented on November 4, 1989 at Olcott, the National Center of the Theosophical Society in America. Ed Abdill is a lifetime student of Theosophy and has lectured internationally for the Theosophical Society. 166 minutes.