A New Science of Life: Part 1(CD)


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Our arms and legs obviously have quite different forms, but when you analyze the chemical basis of our limbs, it turns out they have exactly the same chemical constituency: the same calcium in the bones, the same hemoglobin in the blood, the same proteins in the muscle cells, and the same chemical composition in the skin. But the fact remains that our arms appear very different from our legs. How does biology account for this difference in design? In other words, if the DNA in our cells is the same, why do our arms and legs have different shapes? DNA alone does not explain the mystery of how the human body is formed. To explain this mystery, biologist Rupert Sheldrake has postulated the theory of morphogenetic fields, an idea that resonates with certain key ideas found in Theosophy. This program was recorded live and includes questions from the audience. 3 CDs. 1983. 190 minutes.