Designing Your Own Agenda for Personal Growth(CD)


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This program provides valuable insights and practical tips for individuals wishing to create their own agenda for spiritual growth. There are two prevailing views as to the efficacy of personal growth programs. One view claims that a complete transformation is possible in a short period of time while another view states that transformation is a slow process that comes in incremental stages. Another problem with popular personal growth programs is that many of them become an end in themselves, leading to self-centered and self-contained action. The spiritual seeker needs to avoid that pitfall and understand that their personal growth program is ultimately a means to helping or serving others. A program that results in the glorification or expansion of one’s own ego is fundamentally very different from such a program based on spiritual principles. Diana Dunningham-Chapotin offers an outline for designing an effective spiritual growth program using theosophical principles that covers four essential areas. This talk is delivered in a crisp and lively manner, lightened with good-natured humor. 47 minutes. 1990.