The Science of Meditation(CD)


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Meditation is an operative part of every genuine school of Yoga. Yoga involves much more than doing physical postures, and so long as you are not dealing with consciousness, you are not involved in true Yoga. Modern science has allowed us to explore the solar system, go to the moon, and peer into distant galaxies. We have probed the depths of the oceans, unlocked the secrets of genetics, and examined the structure of the cell. But this is all external and happiness cannot be found on the outside. In spite of the wonders of modern civilization, many people live on the surface of life and feel an emptiness inside which must be filled by endless distractions and amusements.

Meditation allows us to explore inner space and find the source of happiness. In this lecture, Rohit Mehta considers four aspects of meditation: 1) Why should we meditate? 2) What is meditation? 3) When should we meditate? 4) How do we meditate? The speaker also explains that we need to understand the difference between the brain, the mind, and consciousness, all of which are related. This talk is preceded by a short musical presentation by Sridevi Mehta, who sings three mantras from the Upanishads to the accompaniment of the tamboura, a stringed instrument used in classical Indian music. 2 CDs. 1985. 84 minutes.