Karma and Human Relations(CD)


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Karma is a basic law of the universe and is often referred to as the law of cause and effect. To understand the full scope of karmic action, it is necessary to consider this concept in the light of reincarnation, as the operation of karmic law with respect to human affairs is not confined within the span of a single lifetime. Karmic law operates not only at the physical level, but more importantly, at the level of thoughts and feelings. The motivation and intent behind an action may generate greater consequences, from a karmic standpoint, than the physical act itself. Holding onto negative energy patterns such as anger, resentment, or jealousy may cause us more suffering and misery than any mere physical act that we might perform. The energy generated by our thoughts has long term consequences, for better of for worse. These patterns often persist beyond a single lifetime, so it is necessary to recognize the harmful ones and neutralize or eliminate them from our being. 1981. 44 minutes.