Is Discipleship Possible in the West?(CD)


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The path of discipleship is both a wonderful opportunity and an awesome responsibility at the same time. It is full of contrasts, full of paradoxes, full of lights and shadows and subtle blendings of the two. It is not for the faint of heart, nor for the foolish enthusiast who seeks glamour and self—aggrandizement rather then the opportunity to serve selflessly the Masters and the world. The speaker tells us that it is a tremendously difficult undertaking full of pitfalls, trials, and dangers. But at the same time it is a beautiful path of ever-increasing joy and awareness of the Divine presence. Theosophical writings are filled with references to the discipleship, the path, and the Masters of Wisdom. But is the door to such an opportunity closed to those aspirants who live in the modern world? Is it possible for a person living today to seriously consider the path of discipleship? 1963. 43 minutes.