Just Trust Me: Finding the Truth in a World of Spin

Just Trust Me: Finding the Truth in a World of Spin


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The world of spin we live in is full of potentially hazardous illusions. As a civil-litigation attorney for over twenty-five years, Randy Kasten has witnessed this firsthand. He has heard thousands of lies over the course of his career and has witnessed that those who dispense the information we need to make decisions — advertisers, salespeople, politicians and the media — often have a vested interest in manipulating us. As a result of seeing the patterns in why lies are told and how they are structured, Kasten created Just Trust Me as a universal resource to help people learn methods for finding the truth in daily situations.

In business, social and even personal interactions, people are constantly offering selective presentations of the truth. Whether it’s a car salesman telling us SUVs are safe simply because they’re big, or our close friend sparing our feelings by not telling us that our new haircut looks bad, truth’s biggest enemies are the people whose job it is to sell us incomplete versions of the facts and our willingness to believe what we want to believe.

Learning to find the truth is essential to our wellbeing. We need to know, for instance, if certain foods that taste good can hurt us with their high sodium and saturated fats, whether our government is truthful in its reasons for waging war, what problems a political candidate may cause or resolve if elected, and whether the items we purchase are durable or junk. But gaining those insights can be challenging when so many of the illusions surrounding us are deliberately created.

To help us see through deceptions of all types, Kasten discusses eight kinds of lies and what we can do about them, as well as methods for discerning the truth gleaned from his practice of law. Other topics include the magic of advertising, thirty-six places where the truth hides, lessons from science, the media and misinformation, and how we fool ourselves. Altogether, he provides a unique tool for enabling us to make decisions that will lead to more prosperity, better health, greater intimacy, and a life based on lasting values.

It is a daily challenge to discern truth from the mere appearance of reality, and the process involves a complex navigation system. Just Trust Me provides the compass.



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Julia Scheeres, author of Jesus Land and A Thousand Lives: The Untold Story of Faith, Deception, and Survival at Jonestown

Surrender illusion, you who enter. Kasten’s book could have emanated a half-beat after John Lennon’s iconic battle cry: ‘All I want is the truth!’ Kasten, a former attorney, writes here as a taxonomist wishing to help his reader. While categorizing varieties of truth and deceit, Kasten enlivens the journey with a trove of anecdotes, experiments, precepts, and challenges.
Edie Meidav, author of Lola, California and Crawl Space

Just Trust Me is a needed resource for finding truth in a world in which we are too accustomed to accepting corporate marketing propaganda as fact. Kasten reveals how the lack of accurate and forthright information is destructive to our health, social institutions, and communities. As a prevention advocate, I appreciate the thorough analysis and strategies presented for navigating and reducing misinformation and distortion in the media. Just Trust Me is a valuable tool for advancing community wellbeing and equity.
Larry Cohen, Prevention Institute

In Just Trust Me, attorney G. Randy Kasten offers a pragmatic and engaging guide to finding the truth in the complex realities of our daily lives. In a voice that is assured, witty and trustworthy, he provides invaluable tools for sorting out truth from spin, reality from illusion. Highly recommended.
Blair Kilpatrick, Ph.D., psychologist and author of Accordion Dreams

“You can fool all of the people some of the time,” said Lincoln, “and some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.” Randy Kasten, in his new book, Just Trust Me: Finding the Truth in a World of Spin, sets out to create another group: those who refuse to be fooled any of the time. Written with clarity, logic and insight, this is an instruction book on how to sort through the information that bombards us from all directions, and separate truth from lies. People who find themselves adrift in this world—and that includes all of us at one time or another—now have this book to help them navigate around what is phony and misleading, and sail on toward what is true.”
Walter Rimler, author of George Gershwin: An Intimate Portrait

"Anyone listening to the arguments surrounding healthcare reform should keep a copy of this book in their back pocket. The types of spin Kasten describes are all there, from obfuscation with statistics to mis-direction and errors of omission. If you're sick of lies, Just Trust Me will be uniquely therapeutic."
Doug Perednia, M.D., author of Overhauling the Healthcare Machine

Today's media seems to be found on lies and deception more than anything else. Just Trust Me: Finding the Truth in a World of Spin is a discussion of today's world of illusions and spin from all sides and from all sources, G. Randy Kasten offers advice to cutting to the heart of the matter and how to get a leg up on understanding today's confusing world. Just Trust Me is filled with sage advice and very much recommended reading.
Midwest Book Review

Randy examines why deceptions occur —not only in advertising media, but also in social and business interactions—and suggests ways to detect them. He also provides strategies for surmounting the barriers to truth: our willingness to believe what we want to believe; the absence of accurate information; and the rise of the professional spinmaster.
Reed Magazine

"There is more than just pure information that makes Just Trust Me a good read. Thankfully Kasten writes in a straight forward, easy to understand manner. You don’t need a background in law to understand him. No legalese here. Also, the book isn’t frightening. Just Trust Me could easily have been panic inducing. 280 pages of lies, lies, lies….they’re EVERYWHERE. Instead things are discussed in a level headed manner. Although, your mind will probably be blown on more than one occasion as you realize, I do that, or I’ve experienced that. Humans are a strange animal indeed, and these are truly some of our strangest times."
Excerpted from: The Magical Buffet

Trust us. Quest Books may be able to help booksellers tell the difference between truth and truth being-stretched. In Just Trust Me, G. Randy Kasten explains how to discern fact from fiction in all your personal and professional dealings with others so as not to be taken for a ride.
Claire Kirch Excerpted from: Publishers Weekly