How to Heal Our Collective Psychosis(DVD,CD)


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Native Americans describe the root of all individual and collective crises as wetiko, and believe this mind virus is at the heart of everything we face—from climate change (and our lack of response and confusion around the issue), to social injustice, financial corruption, and more. Called by many different names throughout history, the spirit of wetiko—a form of psychic blindness—renders every other issue secondary, for wetiko is the over-arching umbrella that contains, subsumes, informs, and underlies every form of self-and-other destruction that our species is acting out in our world on every scale. Wetiko only has power over us, however, to the extent it is not seen. Paul Levy will illumine how wetiko operates openly in the world and covertly within our own minds, and how we can begin to heal from this pernicious plague that afflicts humanity. 2021