Bereavement and Bad Theology (DVD,CD): A Toxic Cocktail


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In many religious traditions, God is believed to be responsive to the needs of believers, and in difficult times, believers turn to their religious beliefs for comfort, security, and guidance. When God is viewed as a protective parental figure who can shield us from harm if we are pious or devoted enough, what happens to faith – and healing – when this form of god fails to provide that protection? How can we help friends and family who experience cognitive dissonance when their religious beliefs – whether inherited or chosen – do not match up with their lived experience? This presentation examines the ways in which religious beliefs can be more harmful than helpful for traumatized or bereaved individuals. We will explore therapeutic tools and healing practices for helping someone in spiritual crisis to consider new cosmologies and new images of God that are more supportive and inclusive than those found in traditional religious structures. 2021.