Quest Magazine Spring 2018(M)


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Quest is a magazine of philosophy, religion, science, and the arts, established in 1988, which has replaced The American Theosophist, established in 1913 under the title The Messenger. Our philosophical perspective is that of the Ageless Wisdom (Perennial Philosophy), and we are more interested in religious and mystical thought and experience than in the history of religious institutions and doctrine. The unifying theme is the concept of wholeness; we hold the view that there is but One Life, and all of life is interrelated. Quest is published by the Theosophical Society in America, the American section of a worldwide organization promoting the comparative study of religion, philosophy, the arts, and science. We seek to explore the common ground between philosophies and religions, between East and West, between science and religion. While we are interested in exploring esoteric themes, articles themselves are accessible, not esoteric. Readers have told us we are "scholarly but not pedantic" and "a good balance of the philosophical and the practical."