The Light of the Russian Soul: A Personal Memoir of Early Russian Theosophy

The Light of the Russian Soul: A Personal Memoir of Early Russian Theosophy


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The Light of the Russian Soul is the first publication and translation of this text in English. It paints a lively picture of theosophical activities and controversies not only in Russia, but throughout Western Europe during those crucial early years. We also get brief but fascinating glimpses of Tolstoy and other leading Russian contemporaries revealing their previously unrecorded attitudes towards theosophy.

This book offers theosophists new ideas for putting theosophical ideals into practice, while also offering anyone interested in Russia or Theosophy a fresh account of an important and largely overlooked movement in early 20th century Russian social and intellectual history.


Pisareva’s participatory account of the origins of the Russian Anthroposophical movement is so charged with immediacy that it brings the intimacy of a personal diary into the intellectual realm. George Young’s academic interest in the topic and crisp, lyrical translation delivers a document that is rich indeed.
— Kristi Groberg Professor of Art History, North Dakota State University

People interested in Theosophy will appreciate this book. Written by a Russian woman who helped shape Theosophy in her country, it gives a history of the movement from her point of view.
—Bernice Glatzer Rosenthal Professor of History, Fordham University; editor, The Occult in Russian and Soviet Culture