Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible (Cloth): Volume 3


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The Menorah or seven-stemmed golden candlestick was said to have been constructed in accordance with divine guidance received by Moses on the Mount (Ex. 25: 31, 32). Its decreed position in the Hebrew sanctuary suggests that it was not meant to serve as an illumination, since only the central candle was kept burning during the day. The other six candles were lighted from it, referring perhaps to the existence of that one Light from which all other lights proceed. Since, furthermore, the sanctuary was dark, having no windows, even seven candles could not have provided the necessary illumination. Clearly, then, the golden candlestick was intended to be both an embellishment and a profoundly philosophical symbol, representing all septenates in Nature and in Man. Unlighted, it symbolizes the concealed Wisdom whilst lighted, it typifies Wisdom revealed. The Kabalistic Tree of Life, with its sevenfold macrocosmic and microcosmic connotations and almost infinite number of correspondences, may also be presumed to be referred to by the symbol of the seven-stemmed golden candlestick. This book is an imprint of the Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, and is imported from India.