How Theosophy and a Whole World View Can Empower Our Conscious Evolution(DVD,CD)


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Recent scientific evidence at all scales of existence—from the tiniest so-called Planck scale to the entire Universe, and across numerous fields of research, are discovering that our Universe exists and evolves as a unified entity. Dr. Jude Currivan calls this a WholeWorld-View, which integrates a unitive understanding of the nature of reality, shows that the appearance of our Universe emerges from deeper levels of causation, and that mind and consciousness aren’t what we have but what we and the whole world are. It reveals a Universe of meaning and purpose that embodies an impulse to evolve from simplicity to complexity and ever-greater self-awareness. Synergizing with universal wisdom teachings such as Theosophy has the potential to help heal our fragmented perspectives and empower our conscious evolution. 2021