How to Balance Your Archetypes & Become Your Best Self(DVD,CD)


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Whether we are conscious of this or not, each of us is driven or guided by inner forces known as archetypes, which are universal patterns of behavior that occur in the world’s myths and literature. Familiar patterns include The Hero, The Inner Child, The Leader, The Teacher, The Savior, The Warrior, The Adventurer, The Lover, The Caregiver, The Inventor, and The Magician. When these archetypes are in balance, they function as guides, helping us become our best selves; however, when one archetype is dominant, it can become tyrannical, even destructive, to ourselves and others. In this experiential presentation, you will identify and de-code the archetypes you live by and assess whether they are trustworthy guides or out-of-control tyrants! The journey will be different for everyone, but the goal of achieving a healthier, happier Self will be the same! 2020.