Enlightenment: Not Just for Buddha(DVD,CD)


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The word enlightenment can be used in many ways. We often say we have an “enlightened attitude” towards a social norm, which may mean being more progressive or advanced in the way we approach life. In spiritual circles, it tends to refer to some form of exalted spiritual experience or achievement of great significance. In Buddhism, it is presented as the culmination and completion of the spiritual quest with nothing more to be done. Enlightenment is seen as a radically transformative experience that completely frees the mind from all ignorance. We will explore what the Buddha said about this experience and what it means for us. 2020.Too often, life can seem like a serious business. Yet we could also look at it is as a series of games, including the games of survival, love, money, power, and courage. The culmination is the Master Game, which one plays to gain not things or esteem, but knowledge. In this lecture, Richard Smoley will give a lively but profound account of the games of life and will show you how to recognize the one you’re involved in now. 2020.