The Mahatmas and Their Letters(DVD,CD)


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Many of the core teachings of Theosophy are found in the letters written by two Masters of Wisdom to one of the early and prominent members of the Theosophical Society, Alfred P. Sinnett, then an editor for an English newspaper in India. These letters, which were held for many years in the British Museum and today are housed in the British Library, are extremely significant to Theosophists for two reasons: their metaphysical and philosophical content and the extraordinary methods used in their production. This video gives the historical background of the Mahatma Letters, discusses the phenomenal aspects of their production, and comments on their subsequent impact on the Theosophical Society. This DVD is a complete remake of the 1989 program of the same title, and includes new material, improved graphics, and updated footage from Ed Abdill, Joy Mills, and Radha Burnier. Ianthe Hoskins also appears in the program. 2010. 36 minutes.