Gnosticism and Christianity(CD)


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Modern scholars have dispelled a number of previously held assumptions about the early development of Christianity. One such notion was that there existed a single authentic and true version of Christianity from the very beginning. According to this viewpoint, the true doctrine survived by fending of attacks from competing doctrines which existed at that time. Modern scholarship, having studied manuscripts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library, has shown this position to be untenable. David Rodier, Ph.D., says that early Christianity was, in fact, a plurality of movements rather than a single monolithic tradition. Some academics classify these and other Gnostic manuscripts by school, geography, and language. Dr. Rodier prefers to examine them according to the three basic ways that the underlying teachings are expressed: as Mystery, as a Gnosis, and as a Mysticism. 1975. 42 minutes.