The Force is with us: The higher Consciousness that Science refuses to accept

The Force is with us: The higher Consciousness that Science refuses to accept


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240 Pages
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The Force Is with Us: The Higher Consciousness that Science Refuses to Accept is the enthralling journey through Walker’s personal paranormal experiences and documented scientific research. This book begs the question "Is there real truth to the sci-fi Star Wars movies after all?!" Is there a force that burns and moves through all things, visible and invisible? During a series of unimaginable heartbreaks, a time of immense tribulation ending with his teenage son’s lost battle with cancer, Tom Walker met this Force, this omnipresent energy, firsthand. Walker’s heartfelt encounters with his son from beyond the grave urged him to search passionately for a valid explanation. What he found is truly amazing and just the beginning.

The Force Is with Us sheds much-needed light on the vast proof of psychic phenomena, and, in particular, its enthusiastic use by governments! From ESP to Soviet psychic spies, from auras to life on Mars, Walker explores the gamut of vetted documentation. The CIA’s commissioning of physicist Hal Puthoff for secret remote- viewing experiments and parapsychologist J.B. Rhine’s infamous ESP testing are among the curious array of examples Walker presents in this detailed compilation of lab-controlled research. From out-of-body experiences and energy healing to precognition and psychokinesis, this powerfully persuasive book reveals that the source of all of these studied and proven phenomena is a divine energy awaiting re-discovery in us all, Tom Walker’s ever-present Force.

This unique compendium of case studies, scientific research, and personal testimony connects modern science with ancient spiritual traditions; speaking to the physicist, mystic, and clergyman alike. Walker illuminates the parallels between religious philosophies like Chinese Taoism and the Egyptian after-life with revolutionary theories in zero-point energy, Quantum fields, and dark matter. The Force Is with Us is a must-read for anyone interested in our connection with the higher planes of consciousness, the great beyond, the fundamental quantum reality that makes up the world.


Tom Walker's book is a fantastic exercise in open mindedness. Why are so many apparently wacky notions so violently opposed by the establishment? If they're silly and untrue, why all the fuss? And... Who would stand to lose if they were true? Read it and ponder.
—Mark Vicente, Director of the film What the BLEEP Do We Know?!

The style is lively, and you have covered a lot of ground. I hope it has a positive impact.
—Rupert Sheldrake, author of The Sense of Being Stared At, And Other Aspects of the Extended Mind

I found an opportunity to spend a couple hours on your wonderful book, 'The Force is With Us.' Congratulations on a difficult job well done, I honor you for your efforts and for helping to make the path of awakening the general public so much easier. You have a nice, easy writing style and many people will enjoy the adventure you lay out for them.
—Dr. William Tiller, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, author of Psychoenergetic Science and Science and Human Transformation