Creative Evolution (Cloth): A Physicist's Resolution between Darwinism and Intelligent Design

Creative Evolution (Cloth): A Physicist's Resolution between Darwinism and Intelligent Design


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It’s an open secret that fossil gaps—discontinuities in fossil lineages—threaten the validity of Darwin’s theory of evolution. At the same time, by denying evolution altogether, intelligent-design thinkers fly in the face of scientific data. But let’s not throw out the babies with the bathwater, says quantum physicist Amit Goswami. The idea of intelligent design does contain substance with which neo-Darwinists must come to terms. And if Darwin’s theory is seen at best as incomplete, able only to explain evolution’s continuous epochs, then there’s room for both evolution and God.

Dr. Goswami’s central theme is that pure consciousness, not matter, is the primary force in the universe. This view differs radically from mainstream theories that see evolution as the result of simple physical reactions. It also differs from intelligent-design arguments that posit a clockmaker God who fabricated the universe. Biology, Dr. Goswami says, must come to terms with feeling, meaning and the purposefulness of life. The key is the idea of creativity in biological development, which reconciles evolution with intelligent design by a purposive designer. Hence, the book’s title: Creative Evolution. What’s more, when the question of life’s purposefulness and the existence of the designer is reconciled with neo-Darwinism, other difficulties of biology are resolved. The result is a paradigm shift for biology and the vision of a coherent whole that the author calls "Science within Consciousness." In light of the current culture wars over this topic, Dr. Goswami’s view is not only radical and relevant but highly charged, and it promises to remain so for the foreseeable future.


Professor Amit Goswami presents here a highly rational, objective, and persuasive counter argument to the old materialistic assumption about mind and matter being irrelevantly related with mind a mere epiphenomenon of matter. Goswami is not shy here—he posits a whole new way of thinking that could change both our mindsets about God, mind, and matter and the very nature of what we mean by a physical world as different from a spiritual world. This is an important work to consider regardless of how you feel about the subject.
Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. Author of Mind into Matter, The Yoga of Time Travel, and many other books