To Be and How to Be: Transforming Your Life through Sacred Theatre

To Be and How to Be: Transforming Your Life through Sacred Theatre


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A star is born, and that star is you! Author and renown workshop leader Peggy Rubin brings her twenty years of experience coaching professionals in Sacred Theatre to deliver dynamic and creative visioning methods for perceiving your life as a grand and ever-changing play. Shakespeare’s immortalized words "all the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players” exemplifies the heart of this book’s empowering message. Like characters in a play, each of us wears an assortment of costumes and embodies multiple persona. ‘Parent’, ‘spouse’, ‘boss’ and ‘customer’ are a few of the many familiar “parts” the average person might play through the course of a typical day. To Be and How to Be: Transforming Your Life through Sacred Theatre demonstrates how to transform these roles, bringing realization and adventure to your divine purpose.

There are nine powers in Rubin’s ‘Sacred Theatre’: The Power of Incarnation, The Power of Story, The Power of Place, The Power of Now, The Power of Expression, The Power of Point of View, The Power of Conflict, The Power of Audience and The Power of Celebration are explained in detail with rich personal testimonies, artistic exercises and uplifting poems, allowing the reader to realize and engage life’s deeper purpose. Exercises such as Explore Who You Really Are and meditations from Buddhist greats like Thich Nhat Hanh enable readers to view their lives with greater clarity and to become champions of their own destiny. To Be and How to Be also offers vivid descriptions of theatre’s eight most prominent plots, demonstrating how these plots are so often played out daily life. Understanding scenarios such as the classic story of seduction The Spider and the Fly and trying relationship entanglements such as the infamous Triangle allow the reader to identify and resolve personal real-life patterns. We all enact a sacred plays fit with drama, antagonists, props and plots. This book directs us how to be in the midst of them. To Be and How to Be is an enlivening visioning guide for the individual and group work alike!


Peggy Rubin is a master of theater and the art of becoming. Her book-— a masterpiece in every way— will hold you spellbound as you discover the drama of your soul and the purpose of your life. The unique expression of your essence— the Divine theophany that you are—emerges almost magically as you read this clear, penetrating, and insightful book and work with the exceptional exercises. Brava, Peggy!
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. , author of Your Soul's Compass and A Woman's Journey to God

Peggy Rubin has written a wonderful book full of theater history and mystery. Her love of theater and wisdom about life brings the reader right onto the stage and into the essence of their own story and how they fit into the great drama of life. Bravo!
Michael Meade, Author of The World Behind the World and The Water of Life

If you are needing to clarify and manifest your life's purpose To Be and How to Be is a great guide. This profound book, filled with wisdom and compassionate understanding, offers you empowerment and the inspiration to live your true purpose in this incarnation. Learn through inquiry and practical exercies to be a fully awake sacred actor in the sacred theatre called life.
Judith Cornell, Ph.D. [Rajita Sivananda], award-winning author of Mandala: Luminous Symbols for Healing, Amma Healing the Heart of the World and Drawing the Light from Within

There are times when something you read has the power to stop your life in its unconscious rush forward: this book does that, and then again and again, it coaxes something more genuine to take shape. To take seriously these often deceptively gentle instructions, to give them the real chance to do their great work, just may be to find oneself suddenly, and quite radiantly, at home in the moment. Read, in other words, only if prepared to loosen yourself from the tight grip of your old stories and know your birth-right: the vast stage is always arriving right under your feet.
Sensei Bonnie Myotai Treace, Gristmill Hermitage, founder of Hermitage Heart & Bodies of Water Zen

From Sacred Theatre to sacralizing your life's story, Peggy Rubin takes you through an engaging and wonderful process that will expand your perspective in a myriad of ways and enrich your journey forever. We love this book.
Donna Eden and David Feinstein, authors of Energy Medicine

For those who seek lives of awareness, passion and purpose, Rubin has distilled a series of spiritual practices from her profound understanding of the theater and her knowledge of world myths and cultures. In To Be and How to Be, she provides us with a framework for sacred empowerment, a way to become creative directors in the narrative play of our lives. Rubin presents a rigorous, wise and deeply nurturing challenge. It is an immense gift.
Karen Ellen Johnson, artist/teacher, New York City

Each of the arts offers models for the composing of lives, but, as Peggy Rubin demonstrates, theater perhaps most of all. This effervescent description of sacred theater should inspire us all as composers of our lives and caring actors in the world.
Mary Catherine Bateson, author of Composing a Further Life: The Age of Active Wisdom

This is a groundbreaking book in human and spiritual development. With her knowledge and love of theater as well as human life, Peggy Rubin has created a new guide to enable you to move through the dramas of your life, searching the ground of your being, exploding energy, aware, imagining and ever moving forward. By transposing the nine elements of theater into a guide for human life, the author has brought us not just the richness of theater but ancient as well as modern knowledge. From the first fires lit in ancient times, from Shakespeare to molecules, you are inspired to be the star of your own play, to recognize that your life is a sacred event necessary to you as well as the planet. This book is wisdom, don’t miss it.
Elaine de Beauport, Ed.D., author of The Three Faces of Mind, Director of the Mead Institute for Human Development

To Be and How To Be presents an entirely fresh pathway to self-understanding. The book delights the ear, heart, mind, and soul, offering the riches of a deep love for the theatre and the harvest of a long and wide-ranging study of literature, spiritual traditions, and brain and energy research. This is a book to be enjoyed over and over again and shared with family and friends. Cast call!
Lisa S. Nelson, Ph.D. Professor,Department of Political Science and Masters in Public Administration (MPA)Program