Traversing the Depths of Consciousness(DVD,CD)


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Join New York Times best-selling author Eben Alexander, MD and brain entrainment pioneer Karen Newell in this video workshop to awaken deeper consciousness and experience states similar to those Dr. Alexander describes in his book "Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife." In this extraordinary book, Dr. Alexander describes his unique near-death experience during which he visited realms of unconditioned love populated by angelic beings and a resonant omniscient presence. In this workshop he is joined by Karen Newell and together they will lead you on experiential journeys that use specific and varying sounds of Sacred Acoustics™ to enhance deep meditative states of oneness similar to those described in Dr. Alexander's book. Penetrating questions and answers with both Alexander and Newell follow each session. A companion CD of the specialized sound meditations is included with this workshop package. 233 minutes.