Theosophy as Experience: From Mystery to Mystical Consciousness(DVD,CD)


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At a time in the long and distinguished history of the Theosophical Society when even academia is according recognition to the work of the Society, Stephan Hoeller suggests that the members of the Society need to revisit its rich Theosophical tradition to identify which paradigms no longer speak effectively to today’s audience and find new ways of speaking to the needs of people today. Hoeller believes that the time has come to place less emphasis on Theosophy as revelation, i.e., as coming from outside ourselves in the form of books and literature, and instead focus more on Theosophy as a process of internal realization of those great truths found in the Theosophical tradition. This Founders Address was delivered at the 109th Annual Meeting and Summer School of the Theosophical Society in America. 1995. 75 minutes.