Thought Breeds Fear(CD)


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In this animated talk, J. Krishnamurti passionately asserts that for most of us freedom is just an idea, not an actuality. He notes that the outward expression of freedom seems to be extremely important to many people around the world, but he wonders if we have thought deeply about what it means to be inwardly free, to be psychologically free? The human mind is so heavily conditioned and influenced by its environment that one wonders if it can ever truly be free? For example, most of us harbor some type of fear, either consciously or unconsciously. Can the mind ever be free—totally free—from fear? Look at the many things that people come to fear: physical pain, old age, loneliness, failure, eventual death, and the uncertainties of tomorrow. Is there a way to be free of fear—not just of one of these things—but the entire psychological structure of fear? With relentless probing and questioning, Krishnamurti leads the listener toward discovering the nature of fear and how we might free ourselves from its grasp. 1969. 42 minutes.