Through Death to Rebirth(CD)


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Death is a familiar experience to all of us, because each one of us has lived and died many times before. People often fear the thought of death, but the speaker assures us that we have nothing to fear from it. Theosophy provides "maps" of the afterlife that give us the knowledge necessary to approach death with confidence and serenity. James Perkins relates with both conviction and a sense of humor the normal flow of events that occur when a person dies. Some interesting exceptions to the normal process are also discussed, including the fate of suicides, earthbound materialists, those who die from capital punishment, and those who die a violent death. The speaker relates in vivid detail an out-of-body experience he had when he was struck by an automobile while walking on the side of a road. This experience gave him a profound insight into the purpose of embodied existence and a deep appreciation for the oneness of all life. 1956. 59 minutes.