This Light in Oneself(CD)


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In this meditative inquiry, Krishnamurti passionately urges the listener to observe the disorder and disarray in our daily lives without trying to find external excuses or assign outside blame for this inner state of confusion. How can a person bring about order from this state of internal conflict with all our various desires, ambitions, and selfish greed? The speaker affirms that in order to see things clearly, the mind must be absolutely clear, without any distortion or sense of compulsion. This means letting go of all outside authority and not having dependence on a system or person or tradition. Can we discover a clarity which is not clouded over by opinion, authority, and weight of the past? A clarity that has no beginning and no aim? Can we be a light onto ourselves? Can such a rare moment be found through analysis and intellectual effort? The speaker says that one such moment of clarity is worth 10,000 words based on confusion and ignorance. The speaker suggests that this involves meditation, but what is meditation? The word "meditation" contains great meaning and beauty, but unfortunately the word has become debased and exploited by some so-called teachers in order to gain money, power, and personal recognition. True meditation is not a mindless repetition of words, mantras, or religious formulas. It cannot be bought or sold in the marketplace. One must lay the foundation for true meditation. It involves living and dying. If we understand the extraordinary meaning of death, then we understand meditation. 1968. 48 minutes.