Christianity and the Ancient Wisdom(CD)


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The influence of the Ancient Wisdom on Christianity is not surprising, given the fact that for two or three centuries before the Christian era, many cosmopolitan ideas of the Mediterranean world had affected the Judaism of Palestine. Just as English is the international language of today, Greek was the cosmopolitan language of the ancient Mediterranean world. Accordingly, many Greek ideas exerted an undeniable influence on early Christian thought. Geddes MacGregor is both a devout Christian and a distinguished scholar of philosophy. Although most Christian theologians of today deny the compatibility of Christian doctrine with the esoteric tenets of the mystery traditions, the speaker suggests that “echoes” of the ancient esoteric doctrines still appear within the Christian paradigm, for instance, as found in the writings of certain Christian mystics. Many of the utterances of St. Paul, for example, lend themselves to mystical interpretations. Furthermore, certain rites of the Church are based on a profound knowledge of occult phenomena, albeit that many of the present-day clergy are unaware of such an occult basis. 1982. 67 minutes.