Happy Me, Happy You: The Huna Way to Healthy Relationships

Happy Me, Happy You: The Huna Way to Healthy Relationships


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296 Pages
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This exuberant guide is special among the many books on relationships because of Serge King’s seasoned perspective as a master Huna shaman and alternative healer. “The problem between two people is never a ‘relationship’ that isn't working,” he says. “It is always that one or both of them don’t know how to relate in a better way. The real problem is behavioral, and it’s easier to change behavior than to change an abstraction called a ‘relationship.’” King teaches the best methods for creating healthier relationships of all kinds—with family members, friends, lovers and spouses, and the rest of the world as well as with our own body, mind, and spirit.

In a warm, conversational style, he shows us how to shift our behavior using holistic techniques based on his shamanistic understanding of consciousness. He also gives the antidotes for specific relationship problems caused by such feelings as fear, anger, and alienation. “Many people spend their entire lives seeking to know the rules of the universe,” he says, “so I’ve decided to save them a lot of time by giving them out now, for free. The better we understand these rules the easier it will be for us to grow, to heal, and to have a good time.”


"True happiness and success comes from true love, whether self-love, friendship, familial love or romantic love. The relationships in our lives can be stressful, causing us pain, ill health and unhappiness. Or we can heal them all using the profound guidance of Serge Kahili King and his Hawaiian Huna wisdom. Walk the shaman's path with King and learn the power of forgiveness, the way to focus on what you love and let go of criticism, and to heal your life. This has to be one of my favorite books by Serge Kahili King because it covers all the Huna techniques with fabulous tales of how they have been used to heal every relationship possible."
Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries