Finding the On-Ramp to Your Spiritual Path (Cloth): A Road Map to Joy and Rejuvenation

Finding the On-Ramp to Your Spiritual Path (Cloth): A Road Map to Joy and Rejuvenation


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176 Pages
6.5in x 5.75in

True to the title, this guidebook directs beginners on the spiritual journey. Author Jan Phillips, reared Catholic, has traveled through Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim cultures merging dualities of East and West. A popular workshop leader for decades, she is a dynamic, upbeat, straight-talking, wise old woman in her own right, and her prose reflects her character. In warm, engaging language, she presents basic spiritual concepts and practices for the multitudes of Americans who have left traditional religion and are searching for a full-bodied, mind-expanding, convincing spirituality.

The book consists of short essays and personal anecdotes. Each story incorporates the wisdom of various traditions, all suggesting the immanence of the Divine in our lives. Each chapter reframes the meaning of a typical road sign-such as YIELD for surrender, STOP for taking time for balance, LANE ENDS for giving up old notions. All in all, this lively book maps an adventurous trek from illusion to reality, fear to fulfillment, isolation to community. It invites us to go deeper and further, finding, at the end, that the journey is everything.



Jan Phillips describes a spiritual path that is inward, cosmic, multi-faith and culturally diverse. This new pathway— infused with unity, vitality and hope—will dominate the spiritual consciousness of the 21st century.
Diarmuid O'Murchu, author, Evolutionary Faith

I love Jan's insight, guidance, and especially her stories. This book is like having tea with a spiritual mentor who I wish I had beside me when my own journey began. If you're at the on-ramp of yours, please let Jan drive for awhile.
Raphael Cushnir, author, The One Thing Holding You Back and Surfing Your Inner Sea

Through story, poetry and her own spiritual journey, Jan’s creative-mystical awareness invites our deep attention to the radical aliveness of a journey of the heart. She awakens us to the mystery of love guiding us through moments of synchronicity, novelty and resonant relationships. What does the next level of consciousness look like? This book inspires any seeker, evolutionary or spiritual pilgrim to walk in the freedom of love by discovering the truth of their deepest inner knowing.
Barbara Marx Hubbard, author and public speaker

Not since reading Thomas Merton when I was a young seminarian have I been so deeply impressed by a book on spirituality. This is the book I would recommend to anyone wanting to explore and articulate a meaningful spirituality in the twenty-first century.
Michael Morwood, author of Tomorrow's Catholic