Christian Gnosis

Christian Gnosis


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In Christian Gnosis, Charles W. Leadbeater reveals the inner teachings of early Christianity while supplying additional insight from a clairvoyant’s perspective. After he joined the Theosophical Society and became Presiding Bishop of the Liberal Catholic Church, Leadbeater continued to rise as a prolific author. His writings have influenced modern ideas about the occult more than any other writer, and his ideas have formed the basis for many contemporary spiritual and intellectual movements, which include being an inspiration for Kandinsky and Mondrian. As a former Anglican minister, Leadbeater always sought to reveal the lost nature of the holy sacraments and the Christian mysteries back to the people. He was a remarkable man who achieved both notoriety and fame, he made the most amazing claims for himself: he could, he said, communicate with angels, saints and gods; penetrate the cosmos and the atom with his clairvoyant gaze; and trace the history of the earth by psychic perception.

At the heart of this book is a message for open-mindedness and a new attitude toward the idea of sin and human-kind’s purpose during their time on earth. Leadbeater’s approach and writing style has always been considered to be approachable to the common person, and this book is no exception. He begins by discussing the true nature of the God-head and exactly what it means that human beings are made in His image. Throughout the text he touches upon everything from angels, hell, the crucifixion, Our Lady, and the visions of St. John. Prepare yourself for an enlightening revelation. Christianity, as the western world has come to presume, is much deeper than the common public has led themselves to believe.


Leadbeater was one of the most prolific clairvoyants writing at the turn of the last century. His works have remained extant and popular in New Age circles. This new edition of Christian Gnosis brings attention to one of his lesser known topics of exploration, esoteric Christianity. Customers who were raised Christian and have had trouble reconciling metaphysical practice with hierarchical Christian tradition will be relieved to find a version of Christianity that allows them to embrace the teachings of Jesus and still practice magic.
Anna Jedrziewski New Age Retailer

"This Quest reprint, with its addition of excellent referencing, brings once more an outstanding work to any and all who are interested in the esoteric - whether they be Christian or not. It is not a theology; it is one man's journey of seeing beyond our earthly veil. Charles Leadbeater never sought to insist or impose, but to share and by that sharing bring a willingness in the reader to question and consider as they search for their own understanding of faith, and all that means. That is his greatest and most invaluable gift."
Graham Wale, Presiding Bishop, The Liberal Catholic Church

"This book of esoteric theology has as timely a message today as it had at the time of its writing, early in the 20th century. The author, a highly gifted seer as well as a clergyman, theosophist, and esoteric Christian, remains one of the most fascinating figures of the tradition of alternative spirituality. This is definitely highly recommended."
Stephan Hoeller, Gnostic Bishop and Author of Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing, Jung and the Lost Gospel, and The Fool's Pilgrimage Second Edition: Kabbalistic Meditations on the Tarot.

"Christian Gnosis combines theosophical insight with esoteric ecclesiastical Christianity. It's a fascinating compendium of creative cosmology applied elegantly to the great questions of human existence.
Andrew Philip Smith, author of A Dictionary of Gnosticism, The Gnostic: Journal and Publisher of The Bardic Press