God is at Eye Level: Photography as a Healing Art

God is at Eye Level: Photography as a Healing Art


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For amateurs and professionals alike, this book is the story of photography's power to renew the spirit. Jan Phillips helps us transform sight into vision, leading us to see that images can be mirrors for our deepest truths, even in our simple snapshots. "The real thing about photography," Jan says, "is that it brings you home to yourself, connects you to what fulfills your deepest longings. Every step in the process is a step toward the light, an encounter with the God who is at eye level, whose image I see wherever I look. There's something holy about this work. Like the pilgrim's journey; it's heaven all the way.Her book joins such insights with: Inspiring sidebar quotes from famous artists and photographers Fun, practical exercises to encourage us on our own journeys Stunning examples of Jan's own photography


A masterpiece! Jan Phillips makes the invisible visible and shows, at every level, how we can release the beauty and passion within us. - -- Eryk Hanut, photographer and co-author of Mary's Vineyard and Perfume of the Desert

God Is at Eye Level is a lovely, healing, inspiring experience. -- -- Tee Corinne, Arts Books Editor, Feminist Bookstore News

Jan Phillips brilliantly guides the reader through the steps that must all come together in order to transform an ordinary image into a charged work of art. -- -- Suzi Gablik, author of The Reenchantment of Art and Conversations Before the End of Time

Jan Phillips has made a technical art accessible on the level of the heart and I found her words deeply moving. As a very amateur photographer I feel welcomed back into an art form that has very special qualities as well as challenges. -- -- Pat Allen, author of Art Is a Way of Knowing

Jan Phillips is simply a phenomenon. Her wealth of talent, dead-reckoning honesty, and fearless voice have resulted in a wondrous book that is part photographic exhibit, part memoir, part spiritual teaching and part self-help workshop. -- -- Belleruth Naparstek, author of Your Sixth Sense and creator of Health Journeys

Shining through Jan Phillip's inspiring photography and writing is the spirit of a remarkable woman. This is a lovely and loving book, intensely personal yet universal. -- -- Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and The Blade, Sacred Pleasure, and Tomorrow's Children

This is an unusual book to inspire not only photographers, but all of us . . . There is certainly something holy about this approach, but Phillips reaches out to all camera owners with some quite practical suggestions. -- --Robert Gilka, former Director of Photography, National Geographic Magazine