Buddha's Advice for the Open-Minded Seeker(DVD,CD)


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At a time when we are confronted with conflicting ideas, views, opinions, beliefs, and “facts” about so much in life – including spirituality – it can easily lead to a sense of confusion, bewilderment, and frustration. This can result in a sense of indifference and loss of purpose or guiding principal in how we approach life. The Buddha addresses this very problem in one of his famous discourses, the Kalama Sutta which has at times been referred to as “The Buddha's Charter of Free Inquiry.” In this discourse, the Buddha provides very useful guidance on how to evaluate diversity and the often-conflicting sources of information in order to ascertain what is worth following and implementing in one’s life. Although this discourse was given over two thousand years ago, it remains incredibly relevant to our current situation. In this lecture, John Cianciosi will explore the Buddha’s advice for the open-minded seeker. 2021..