Miracle in Our Universe (DVD,CD): Deconstructing the Goldilocks Principle


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Life is miraculous; so many things in the physical world have to be just right for complex organisms (and life) to exist. The Rare Earth Hypothesis uses the Goldilocks principle in the argument that temperatures must be 'just right' for intelligent life to develop on a planetary system. Of the billions of planets in our Milky Way galaxy, millions fall into this category of being not too hot and not too cold. But at a deeper level, there are many other fundamental physics parameters, such as the masses of the elementary particles and the forces between them, the rate of expansion of the universe, and so on that must also be finely tuned for life to thrive. If our universe is truly alone in the vast scheme of things, it seems to imply that all these conditions were purposefully designed. However, if we really live in a Multiverse – meaning our universe is only one of a vast number, all with different physical parameters, then the Goldilocks Principle must apply at a deeper level. This lecture will explore the physics that has to be ‘just right’ and describe some ideas about a Multiverse. 2020.