Meditation: A Way of Knowing(CD)


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Meditation is one way in which we can experience the unity of all life. Theosophical teachings indicate that all beings are grounded in the unity of the One. But to merely read statements to this effect and to actually experience that unity are two different things. Through the practice of meditation, we begin to experience our universe in a new way. Meditation is a means of self-discovery, a way of coming into touch with the deeper aspects of our nature. One of the widespread problems of our present civilization is that we often feel isolated and separate from others. Meditation allows us to experience our essential inter-connectedness with the others. Dorothy Abbenhouse, then president of the Theosophical Society in America, lists some of the many benefits of a regular meditation practice. Based on a lifetime of practice, Dorothy offers helpful suggestions on how to begin and structure your own meditative practice. 1988. 55 minutes.