The Serpent Fire and the Powers Latent in Man(CD)


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In this spirited and impassioned talk, Geoffrey Hodson begins by giving a brief outline of kundalini, a power which lies latent in most human beings—its source, its operation in the human body, and the nerve centers through which it operates. Following this introduction, Mr. Hodson explains that the safest way to develop this power is through the steady and faithful practice of Yoga. However, the speaker warns that the development of this power is not without its dangers. The motive of the would-be Yogi is of utmost importance. The balance of the talk explores the proper motive for undertaking such development: a deep, impersonal, non-possessive love, which embraces all of humanity. Drawing upon inspiring passages from The Voice of the Silence and the Bhagavad Gita, the speaker gives the listener a heightened sense of this broad humanitarian ideal as found within the aspiring Yogi. 1956. 50 minutes.