Discipleship in Modern Days(CD)


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In the East, there has been a long tradition of enlightened men and women acting as spiritual gurus and taking on disciples (chelas) for their spiritual development. This type of relationship between a perfected master and the spiritual neophyte is also found in the West. In Hebrews 12:23, St. Paul speaks of "just men made perfect." Geoffrey Hodson discusses the possibility of whether this special relationship is possible in modern times, especially in the West. He suggests that in the course of human evolution, there comes a time when a person experiences a profound spiritual awakening and which is often accompanied by a natural desire for direction and guidance in the form of a spiritual teacher. A common maxim states that when the pupil is ready, the master appears. Is there any truth to this, or it is merely a cliché? Geoffrey Hodson describes with seemingly first-hand knowledge the intimate nature of such a relationship and what obligations it entails on the part of the disciple. 1967. 25 minutes.